Monday, March 12, 2012

Generate reviews for newly published book

Good morning!  This week the topic is on generating reviews because that is exactly what I'm working on at this time.  Reviews, as any reader knows, are very important.  They aid greatly (for me) when I'm deciding to buy a book I've never read, or not buy it.  So, of course, I want them for my own book as well, and I'd really love for them to be 5 star reviews!!  ;)

My best advice so far is that authors approach as many reviewers as they can each week.  Take one day a week and spend your time soliciting reviewers for reviews.  How?  Well, there are hundreds of bloggers out there who do just that, and it's FREE!  You simply provide the reviewer with your book for free, and they will read and review it.  How wonderful is that!?

Keep in mind, not every blogger reviews every genre, so you will need to research each blog to make sure it's a fit before you approach the reviewer.  I like to use the Step-by-Step-Self Publishing site (  They list reviewers and their requirements to narrow the number of blogs you bother to visit.

So, I've shared ONE way to generate reviews of your new book, but as I discover new, successful ways, I'll post them here.

I'm all about authors helping authors, especially self-published authors. ;)

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