Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Grammar as a tool to land a job or even get a date?

I recently read an article that claimed 61% of employers looking (on Linked-in) for potential employees in any field ignore those who do not use proper grammar on social sites, including Facebook postings.

It seems using bad or incorrect grammar on your social sites is even more of a faux pas than posting about drinking and parties or other frowned upon activities (in the eyes of an employer).

My son chimed in with another interesting article he'd read on the subject of grammar and dating sites. It seems women are more attracted to men who have a grasp on correct grammar. Those men receive more "likes" than the others who are more lackadaisical with their grammar skills.

Although I make my share of grammatical errors, I work like heck to limit them. Nonetheless, I admit to being a grammar Nazi. I may not be totally efficient (or as thoroughly educated as I'd like to be on the subject) with all the rules of grammar, but I sure expect it of others! LOL! And I find it ironic that I am a horrible speller, yet when a man misspells words, it turns me off. How unfair of me!

Bottom line? Don't let social media, tweeting or texting ruin your grammatical skills (or your love life!). :) Make an effort at the very least.