Saturday, January 5, 2013

Change in this blog profile!!

Hello followers and visitors!

After a very long time agonizing over how to run this blog, I believe I've finally found my place.  I've never written a blog, and I'm new to the blogging community, so none of this is coming easily or naturally to me.  But after months (no exaggeration!) of trying (and failing) to come up with a topic to build my blog posts around, I think I've finally got it. 

I was cleaning house without a single thought about blogging (confession: I haven't thought about blogging in weeks) when it (cliche alert!) hit me out of the blue.  I'm going to blog about the process of writing and what I've learned and what I learn as I continue to grow into a better, stronger writer. That's an easy enough topic since I'm constantly striving to learn as much as I can about the craft of writing, and I'd be happy to share my knowledge.  Remember, about 10% of writing is talent, the rest is hard work.

I write fiction with an emphasis on women's romantic contemporary fiction, but the advice and knowledge I share will be helpful to writers across the board, all genres, because writing is writing. 
There is a basic knowledge and understanding we all need for success in writing as a career, then there is all the other stuff we as creative individuals will add.  I'll have bits of both here for you.

Now, all that said and done, I'd like to begin with my first "tidbit":  Write with the intent to place your reader into your world, or story (fiction or non-fiction).

Yes, I realize how obvious my above statement sounds, but really think about it.  You might be surprised to find part - or possibly even all - of the above mentioned message got lost or misplaced when you sat down and "put pen to paper".

We as writers are not responsible for whether or not people like our work (this is important to remember), but we are responsible for getting them to "feel" the story.  They should feel present, pulled into the story from beginning to end.  If you've managed that, you've managed true success.

I know for myself, I was unconsciously too aware of trying to convince my readers to like the story that I lost sight of the true goal.  Not totally or completely lost, but enough that I can feel the difference in myself and my writing now that my focus is better aligned. 

If you are writing anything you want to have read, you'll always want the reader's pov in the back of your mind, but your best work will come through if you keep your story (and all that it embodies) in the front of your mind.

And that's it!  The first post of this new blog form.  I'm ready for the new year and all the success it has for me.  I wish the best for all of you, too.  Happy New Year!

*Please leave a comment with your thoughts or your own words of advice. ;)

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