Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Writers and artists on insecurities

I was watching a program on PBS last night about Margaret Mitchell (author of Gone With the Wind) when I realized just how alike writers are as a whole.  It amazes me every time to learn how insecure even the most famous writers are/were.  No matter their success or weather they are at the beginning of their career or in the middle, writers seem to hold on tight to a common fear of not being good enough.

It's both comforting and astonishing to know writers across the board feel the same insecurities I find myself struggling with often.  It's like a curse of the artistic.  Rarely (if ever!) have I heard of an artist, particularly writers, who are full of confidence and believe their work is wonderful and will be loved by all or many.  Of course, some of us are harsher on ourselves than others are, but over all, we (writers/artists) are a funny breed, filled with insecurity simply because we are filled with so much passion for what we do.

With following a passion comes the possibility of failure, and that is terrifying in any aspect.  But when you are writing, for example, you are pouring some of who you are into those words, so the exposure is enormous. 

When I read my first unsolicited book review for "Cadence Beach", I had the strangest feeling running though me.  Aside from the thrill of knowing a total stranger had read and enjoyed my book, I was taken aback by the discomfort of "naked" exposure I felt.  It was as though someone had opened my skull, taken a look at what was inside (my story), and closed it up again.  Just as simple (and invasive!) as that.  That's the best way I can explain the feeling of utter exposure I felt. 

I would love to hear your stories of how you deal with and feel about the exposure of being a writer or other artist (or any field of work). 
Please feel free to  leave a comment below. ;) I promise to read every one with NO judgement! lol

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  1. Even reading a flash fiction piece aloud to an audience gave that feeling of naked exposure. It is nice to feel something so strongly. To open yourself up in front of others, show them that you too are human. The thrill is unmatched.